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The foodie 'talk and taste' is a guided tour through the Nicholson Fine Foods product ranges. All groups are advised to call the factory to book an appointment for the 'talk and taste' tours. Group size one to five people: Ideal for people who are wanting to understand the product ranges and have a guided tasting. Information on how best to use the products is supported with a printed tasting guide and brochures. The tour will take about 30 minutes and participants are encouraged to ask questions. Group size six to ten people: This version of the tour and taste involves cooking demonstrations, tastings, discussion and lots of new flavour combinations. Packaging and labelling will be explained and some background to Peter Nicholson and where Nicholson Fine Foods began. As this tour involves a shutdown of the processing areas arrangement need to be made in advance to schedule a production shutdown. Group size 11 or more: For larger groups, arrangements can be flexible and customised for the particular group. See website for more detail.

Location: Mooli Place, Yamba, Clarence Coast, New South Wales, Australia

Location: Mooli Place, Yamba, New South Wales, Australia


Phone: (02) 6646 3191